Today was my first radiotherapy session. I had to give consent  so I thought it would be prudent to point out that I actually hadn’t yet got the formal results of the biopsy taken May 23. It was no big deal and I certainly didn’t think they would go ahead and schedule four weeks of treatment and a course of chemo without knowing. But, well, imagine what a berk I’d look if after a week of being zapped it turned out that I was just a poor outtake from a Milgram experiment into social obedience.

So, there was a hastily convened meeting with Mr Wilson, my consultant. He so hates the NHS IT systems and based on what I saw he has a point. He logged in again and then, as if to make up for no information, gave me a wonderful tour. I saw the reports and the interesting images from the MRI and CT scans.  This really helped me to understand the location of My Little Cancer and why it is manifesting as pelvic pain. It’s a big little thing really, and it will take a good slice to get it out. It’s quite close to the pelvic floor, so I had a marginal concern about the nerves etc that run along that particular highway.

Then back to Radio to resume what I came for. They were playing Status Quo over the speakers in the lab. I got on the table, bottom gracefully in the air. I waited patiently for “Roll Over Lay Down” (and let me in) but they didn’t play that one.

I’m not going to link to any Status Quo for you or for anyone, but John Cale’s “Mr Wilson” from Slow Dazzle is quite another matter: