Well, not entirely. My other blog tool was chosen for work / technical reasons that couldn’t be circumvented, and if it had to be any other it would have been WordPress. So the geek in me wanted to have a go.

My reason for starting this blog is because I have cancer. Maybe that should be I HAVE CANCER!

It’s been a few weeks in the confirming but my suspicions were strong a few weeks ago. I walked from the clinic in that blur that people describe and yes I thought “why me, why now, and haven’t I had enough shi**y luck in the past 2 years?”

So I did the only sensible thing you can do – I put the roof down on the convertible and drove home in the spring sunshine. I’m lucky, this is a beautiful place to live. I’m less unlucky, some people at that clinic are dying and I have a chance.

When my father died from (more serious) cancer, I remember then that I despised those “power of positive thought” books. This blog won’t be one of them.