Today I am listening to “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin” by The Low Anthem.

I saw a review that mentioned lo-fi, recorded in a cabin in the woods and the Bon Iver associations took it from there. Some of their tracks are definitely in that vein – drawing you into their ethereal world speaking quietly in a whisper of conspiracy.

The only problem is that they have mixed in around 2 tracks that can only be described as Tom Waits fronting a very average bar room blues band on a steamy Friday night. Even that makes it sound better than it is. Where’s the track skip button.

I read they come from Providence, RI. I had a good old wallow in memory visiting Brown University (in 1985/6?) courtesy of Google street view. Those wooden-fronted buildings so evocative of 1940s americana. Wish I could remember the name of that seafood place where the lobster had dinosaur aspirations.