I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of electronic music with theatre, stemming from those halycon days at the ICA in the 1980’s which combined modern ‘interpretive’ dance with Caberet Voltaire sound-alike soundtracks. I still have no clue what any of them were about, but they were lovely.

So to Kreng’s album “L’Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu”. This is a Belgian artist who uses found sounds, bits of old movie tracks, field recordings etc., and on this album mixes it with a Satie-esque piano.  Think of your best gothic horror film, an old copy worn in places, dark shadows, etc. Now imagine the soundtrack. A ghostly opera singer accompanied by a mad sister’s mutterings, while brother tinkles away in the background in a detached melancholia, in a scene from Poe. Are those wolves in the distance?

Don’t believe me – listen for yourself.

What I love about electronic music is this. I had just finished typing the link, and clicked it to test it. Then, no fewer than three Jays (a parent and two young?) came to the pear tree outside my open window and added their rasping, raucous cries to the overall mix. As I noticed the birds, I had to stop the clip to distinguish what was what. Alas, your sound clip is ‘Jay-less’.

Not too common to see three Jays either, now I think about it.