This one is about the Cancer I’m afraid.

End of week 2 and first review today with my consultant, Mr Wilson. I know I’ve been pretty lucky with the absence of side effects from chemo and radio and I had prepared myself to make sure that I didn’t just say “Yeah, fine” and that I got onto my worries about the surgery and the aftermath quality of life yada yada.

Alas, poor Yorick, but Mr Wilson put on his bad news face before I could get there. Turns out that the PET/CT scan results from the 8th were not good. It wasn’t the teeny speck on the chest that they originally went after, but it was a secondary cancer on the liver that they found.

Great, that puts me into Dukes D (the worst one) with low rectal carcinoma with a liver metastasis. In a nutshell, my cancer has gone through the rectum wall, hit a few lymph nodes, and made its merry way via the bloodstream to my liver.

I got to say “How long have I got Doc” but of course in my best pseudo-science middle class way. Answer: 40 to 50%  chance of remission (they measure you as cancer-free after 5 years, assuming you are still there).

So, when they finish cutting me arse out, they’ll give me a chance to recover then invite me back for a nice slice of liver (no fava bean and Chianti jokes please).

The fact that they are talking about surgery is actually good news.

It seems that if you had primary liver cancer then basically you’d be riddled with it and palliative treatment would be your lot. However, if it is a secondary from a colorectal then it is in one spot and they can do an operation. Citation required there, as they say on Wikipedia.

This is what you need to know, gentle reader:

“Liver resection is a major operation that takes from 3–7 hours, and is carried out in specialist liver surgery hospitals. It is only suitable for some people with secondary liver cancer. There are usually no long-term side effects following liver resection, as the remaining liver can regrow within a few months of the operation and carry out all its normal functions.”

Oh, and despite being so out-trumped by Mr Wilson’s card, I did manage to talk about my original concerns. But it was a bit like revealing your best ever price offer after the customer had just told you he’d gone out of business.

I wish I could feel more about all of this.

A Buzzcocks song that I loved when I was 18 or so has been in my head all day.