I finished the radiotherapy on Monday and took the last chemotherapy on Tuesday at breakfast time. It was an emotionally charged period and I wasn’t prepared for it. Don’t know why, but probably had subliminated too much of my focus into a work project. “Da Nile”, as they say in Ireland. Hit a wobbly Monday evening as a result, but maybe all for the good as I ratchet into reality.

Will gather together a few pieces of music to serve as calming therapy for next time.

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th. This was used on the soundtrack for “Sleep Furiously“, which I thought at the time was one of the slowest films I’d ever seen, but I still haven’t forgotten it and my narrative memory for films is usually awful.

Clint Mansell – Death is the Road to Awe. Was used in the score for The Fountain, which also has an oncology theme running through the Scientist segment.

Peter Broderick – A Snowflake. From his 2008 album “Float”. Think about the fact, for a second, that he is currently about 22 years old…

Harold Budd – As Long As I Can Hold My Breath. … and compare that to Harold, who is currently 73 years old. In a review of this cd, I read that his music evoked:

“Shafts of light illuminating the glittering swirls of dust in an amber sunset warmed living room on a spring afternoon” (James Knapman)