Jónsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros and his partner Alex Somers have released a new album “Riceboy Sleeps”. Jónsi is the one who sings in that middle-earth made-up language. This is less sweeping and histrionic than a Sigur Ros album, with fewer loud-slow-loud crescendos. Boomkat uses words like “emotive” “fragile” and “genteel”. They say it’s “a beautiful, carefully woven tapestry of heartbreaking sonic verdancy; it sounds like Sigur Ros evaporated”.

Jonsi and Alex – Boy 1904

Sigur Ros asked four women who had formed a string quartet at an Icelandic music academy to join them. They did all the orchestral arrangements and some of the choral parts for the Sigur Ros albums. They release under the separate name Amiina.

Amiina – Lori

Not that all Scandanavian music is light. Switch to Sweden’s Karin Dreijer Andersson and this slowed-down remix. Hard not to feel disturbed listening to this album.

Fever Ray –  If I Had A Heart (Familjen Remix)