There’s another celeb with bowel cancer – TV chef Keith Floyd. He was diagnosed with it 6 weeks ago and has since had 5 operations :-O He now starts a treatment of chemo with daily visits to the hospital for 5 weeks. Sounds familiar. But I wonder what the operations were for? He must have had secondary tumours in a number of body parts? I suppose there is a different treatment plan for every patient, or maybe there are country variations as he is based in France.

I also read today a report from Ireland. They sent out 4,000 screening kits. Got 2,600 back. Found 50 positive hits. Ireland has a bad record on early detection for bowel cancer, so this is pretty important stuff. The screening kit is one that looks for signs of blood in the faeces.

There was also a piece in the news from another celeb who underwent surgery to remove most of his bowel. ‘It was an horrendous operation,’ he said. ‘I woke up in intensive care and nearly hit the roof because of the pain. After about eight days I could just about walk with people supporting me.’ That sounds a bit extreme. I’m not (hopefully) being over-optimistic, but I am expecting the epidurals to work a bit better than that, and I expect to be made to walk (whether I want to or not) after a few days. The bit about intensive care is likely though – standard procedure in my case because of the potential blood loss from a liver resection.

Heavy stuff. Here’s a short poetry quote to restore your peace:

When you do not use
A well every day the pure
Water does not replace itself.

— Ou Yang Hsiu (1007-1072)