Tonight is the first night of the Folk Festival. I’m going. It was a gamble buying weekend tickets back in May when I didn’t know how I would feel now, but I think I got that one right. In fact, I feel as healthy as I’ve ever done. What a fraud!

I don’t normally enthuse about the Thurs acts, but tonight is actually the best of the weekend. I’m especially looking forward to Mumford & Sons. It’s hard to pin them down, as they something of an indie act using folky instruments (banjos, etc) but who cares, they are good and will be massive.

My first encounter with them was “White Blank Page” and there’s a video on YouTube here. I don’t think that I would like Marcus Mumford stalking me, he’s a bit intense.

Continuing the theme of “white”, the other must-see act this evening is Adele Diane, who comes from Nevada and has a video of “White As Diamonds” also on YouTube here. She’s just been supporting Bon Iver at the Galway Arts Festival, so this makes up for not going there this year šŸ™‚