This weekend it looked like Saturday might actually be sunny so on a whim we went for a ramble. Chosen destination was woods and short walk but we deviated from the path. Knew we couldn’t get really lost as we had an OS map so followed a path of whim onto a track that turned out to be a Roman road.  It was probably built to get them from Colchester to Cambridge. As you’d probably expect from the Romans, they used a double trench system with rubble for drainage and then built on top of that, straight as an arrow for miles. It’s on one of the few high spots around here, so there were even views.

It’s a site of scientific interest, and it was strewn with butterflies. An explosion of butterflies.

Later, I took a photo of a timber framed building – this wood dates from circa 1415. 08082009226_sml

Look for the sprites.

The whim came at a cost, as we ended up walking for 3 hours. So, it was with some relief that we retired to a pub in Babraham for a lunchtime glass under the watchful bronze eye of one Jonas Webb, late of this parish. I know that you need to know, so here it is – he was a sheep breeder of repute. Thanks to him, there was more fleece per beast. So good, they exported them to Australia and New Zealand. His statue was originally in the Corn Exchange, but they moved it out here to his home village. Can’t think why.

Utah Saints – Sun

The Sun Just Came Out, I Can’t Believe It

Next day, a short session at the Gym and a relaxing sauna. Great stuff this cancer treatment. Never felt better.

Going back to strange memorials in Cambridgeshire, I just made a map for Quy Fen. Apart from the fen itself, which will be agog with damselflies and dragonflies at this time of year, this small area has a great memorial to poor William Ison, who had the bad luck to be struck by lightning out here, aged 29. The time before last when we walked here, we got a bit lost (no OS map, you see) and we got caught in a thunder and lightning storm. We came home, and while I was looking at the map to see where I’d gone wrong, I noticed the link to William and his bad day out.  It will be his anniversary soon – August 28th, 136 years ago.

Time, with an unwearied hand,
Pushes round the seasons past,
And in life’s frail glass, the sand
Sinks apace, not long to last

John Newton “Time How Short” (Hymn, 1779)

Lightning Dust – Waiting On The Sun To Rise