My schedule for the operation and hospital stay is starting to look more definite:

Weds 26th – admission to hospital by midday, general prep work for next day.
Thurs 27th – probably early AM begin operation, likely finish late afternoon? Bowel first, then liver.
Fri 28th – intensive care; coming out of anaesthetic in early AM?
Sun 30th – moved to less intensive care
Mon 31st – first food intake allowed
Tues 1st (guess) – released to general ward (C7, +44 (0)1223 217300)
Friday 10th (big guess) – allowed to go home
6-8 weeks later – able to resume normal activities

Am starting now to visualise it all – opening sequence probably trip to hospital – open top car – occasional side shots to interesting landmarks – nondescript but slightly distracted visual expressions on faces of driver and passenger – soundtrack from:

Alabama 3 – Too Sick To Pray

…emanating from car radio. Hmmm, maybe all a bit too New Jersey-esque.

Have decided bringing in a laptop is a dumb idea so plan at least to start without it. No connection to the Internet will be ‘interesting’. Mobiles are frowned upon but we’ll see how that goes. If less than one person in my ward dies per day due to machine malfunction caused by RF then maybe I can Twitter from my mobile. I have a pile of books to read in any event, and plan to load up my MP3 players with lots of ambient music to achieve that perfect blissed-out state. I will have considerably more drugs than you.

Important notes: Arsenal are away to Man Utd on Sat 29th, kickoff around 5.30pm. Depending on the outcome, this may lead to a temporary setback in my recovery and alterations to the above. Your mileage may vary.