chiharu_sleepToday (it’s 1am) I join the ward.

Last night we went out for Sushi, last meal that I will have for many days after today.

I missed some calls because the restaurant was so noisy. Nice messages and I’m sorry not to speak one-on-one. Forgive me.

Nearly everything is ready, apart from the fact that I haven’t packed yet.

There have been so many details, small jobs to be completed, and there just hasn’t been time to consider it all.

I expect tomorrow will be like joining a war. I will be nervous when I’m shipped out, but the anti-climax of life in base camp will result in boredom. Then, when I’m not expecting it, all hell will break loose around me.

Jackie Leven – The Garden

I suppose this would be a good time for regrets, but they are absent. I’d do it all again. Yes, timor mortis conturbat me, but not much. Apparently.

Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke – Sacrifice