Came across this very haunting (and a bit spooky) video for Grouper. The song, “Hold The Way”, is from a new album Vessel, apparently due out this Winter.

It was directed by Weston Currie – worth checking out some of his other videos, especially “Liar”.

Grouper is the name used for the solo work by Liz Harris, a musician based in Portland, Oregon. She produces a very ethereal, dreamy and ambient electronica heavily drenched in reverb over which she sings in a delicate style.

She is playing at the Portland Arms in Cambridge on November 4th. Should be interesting live, in a small venue.

On the subject of videos, I see that Los Campesinos! have put up a video for “The Sea…” on YouTube. It says in the comments that it was filmed at Barry Island in South Wales – just along the coast from Llantwit Major. I put in this minor detail because I know how to pronounce it. Two observations: (a) these people are not 16, not even close; and (b) the budget for this video was probably 48 cans of beer (nothing wrong with that, or the first point).