Had a good night watching The Twilight Sad on Tuesday. It was a popular gig but all went well. I didn’t fall down in a faint and nobody gouged my stomach open with an ill-placed elbow 🙂 My only criticism was the sound – the lyrics are that good it was a pity that the vocals sounded a bit muddy. Not that the Glaswegian-ese is that easy anyway. James Graham (vocals) certainly looked the part with his new skinhead haircut. He spent a fair bit of time banging the floor with a drum stick.

Good old fashioned noise. Afterwards I said something like “it was like 1996 never ended” and I think what I meant was that the back end of grunge (awful) was by then producing better noise from bands like The Jesus Lizard.

The Jesus Lizard – Good Riddance (from “Shot”, 1996) evilClown

And the clown had no idea why
Where were his ethics
Where were his manners

And the clown became a jag off
Full of mad hatred
Full of repugnance

The other reason this song’s in my head is as a reaction to watching Nick Griffin, that fat Nazi from the BNP, on the BBC. I can’t get the image of him as a clown out of my head. And everyone sensible (especially my girl) knows that clowns are pure evil.

He says: “The indigenous people of this island are the English, the Scots the Irish and the Welsh… colour is irrelevant, it’s the people who have been here overwhelmingly for the last 17,000 years.”

Since the Ice Age? No wonder they were “pale and interesting” if not downright white.

It’s funny, because today I was walking on the Devil’s Dyke which was probably built by the Anglo-Saxons to defend what they had invaded and taken from the indigenous British people on the western side of the defence.

After the Romans retreated to defend Rome in 435 AD, the Irish made raids across the sea against these Romanised Celts and took captives back as slaves (St. Patrick was the best known of these). But this calmed over the next 100 years as they both switched from the Celtic druidic tradition to Christianity. But from 600 AD until 800 AD as the Anglo-Saxons pressed, slowly but surely the Britons got pushed west into Cumbria, Wales, the West Country and Cornwall.

The Anglo-Saxons in turn got a beating in the north from the Vikings over the next 200 years (York or Jorvik became the capital); and Alfred the Great consolidated power as he defended the rest. Meanwhile, the Vikings also made big inroads into France. These “northmen” became the Normans and in 1066 they invaded England. During the next 50 to 100 years they assimilated Wales, and from 1166 until around 1177 they conquered Ireland. This would have been when my ancestors first arrived in Ireland. In 1981 I came back 🙂

But it all still begs the question as to which British Nation the BNP want to defend? Is it the Celts of 1500 years ago? The Huns of 1200 years ago? Or the Viking/Normans of 900 years ago?

But maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe Nick Griffin does want to defend and protect the Neanderthals that were around as he quite rightly says, about 17,000 years ago? It makes more sense now.