Diane Jone – Better Times Will Come

Bit slow in posting these past two weeks, mostly due to the fact that health is more or less good and that I’ve simply been busy.

The health first. I’m in week 3 of 3 from cycle 3 so these are the good times. Next Monday I start cycle 4 and with the combination of snow and neuropathy I may want to stick my hands in a fire. Hopefully it will pass as quickly as the last few and by Friday it may be a normal Xmas day. There is one matter I need to raise with them – I have a pain in my chest that hurts when I twist (and when I laugh, like the old saying). This (I think) could be a hernia brought on by the surgery cutting through the diaphragm. It could also be a new tumour but I think that’s just bad alarmist thinking. Obviously I want to find out. Otherwise, I’ve had good days (went to see The Bookhouse Boys at the Portland last Sat, drove myself down to Kent on the Sunday) and some bad days when I’ve gone all faint, cold and clammy.

The trip to Kent was a sad one. A friend had a lump in her neck diagnosed as cancerous and a secondary at that. When I met her they didn’t yet know where was the primary source. It could have been brain cancer but later tests may now indicate the lung. The lung – so much better. Especially if the tumour is small. Cancer seems all around me now.

Now, why I’ve been busy. The day after I got out of hospital I had a call from a headhunter (what an odd expression, what I really needed then was a witch doctor). The long and the short of it is that I have a consultancy job for 6 months starting in January, for 3 days per week. It allows me to juggle what I’m doing now and to earn some much-needed money. It’s also giving me some of my confidence back, dealing with larger organisations again. I don’t want to go into details here, but I think it’s the best break I’ve had in two years. We should meet up and I can talk about it openly.

And so, Life consists in replacing one worry with another, and one desire with the next. But I am happy. I even had to add a new category for tagging this post – “Life”.


Hope you like Diane Jones. We saw her at the Folk Festival, she was a highlight.