Sharon Van Etten – The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get

Interesting day yesterday at the hospital. Did my blood tests and saw the doctor. Told him everything ok on known side-effects but concerned about pain in chest. “Pain in chest” three words doctors react to fastest (apart from the other three, obviously, but it was our first meeting and at this stage I could only say I liked him). So they sent me off for ECG. Back to doctor clutching results – so like being in school – and he told me results were normal but he had another problem for me. The blood results say platelets only @93 where 100 is the “no chemo” cut-off and 140-400 is the normal human range. Before you go scrambling for your O Level biology books, the platelets are da lads that do be doing the clotting. They are the sponges of the blood, cut yourself and they are there like C-list celebrities at an audition for reality TV.

What’s the upside? A week off for Xmas with no tingles of the vein variety. An extra week of no chemo tablets.

Downside? A week delay to the whole process and I have to go back in next week to try again. Lovely. Just after Xmas.

In the big scheme of things, not a huge issue to delay it a week. Just a little reminder to me of who really rules round here, eh My Little Cancer?

Still, a chance to give you this cover of a 1994 Morrisey song. How could you fault lyrics like:

I am now
A central part
Of your mind’s landscape
Whether you care
Or do not


When you sleep
I will creep
Into your thoughts
Like a bad debt
That you can’t pay
Take the easy way
And give in