Bad Veins – Go Home

A case of “yes we have no chemo, we have no chemo today” I’m afraid. Same reason as before – low platelet count or Thrombocytopenia if you need to be impressed. Apparently the red blood and the white blood counts are normal. The platelet count was only 78 (’twas in the 90s last time). As I’ve said the last time this happened, 150-450K per microlitre is the normal range; 100-149 is acceptable. In the 50-99 range you may not be able to stop bleeding if it starts when you get injured. In the 20-49 range you don’t need the injury – you spontaneously bleed. If it gets down to that I plan to set myself up with a stall in Knock as a bleedin’ miracle – stigmata, wounds of Christ and all that. I’ll ask Nick Cave to be my agent.

I go back next week and try again.