George Faith – To Be A Lover

Yellowman – Who Can Make The Dance Ram

Bass Clef – Welcome Back to Echo Chamber

Hurrah! At the third time of asking I’m cleared for injection and Chemo cycle #5 has just ended today. I have a CT scan on Feb 15 and so around the next chemo apppointment (Feb 22nd) I may have the results back from that as well as starting the final cycle.

It was a bit confused. I just sat around waiting for blood results but they skipped that and just called me in for the big hook-up. I did nothing to stop them.

The chemo dosage was reduced so there are even less side effects on the neuropathy front than usual. Will stick with Plan A of keeping it warm / sleeping it off but feeling pretty good at the moment.

I’m celebrating this minor breakthrough with songs from the vaults that are totally feelgood.

George Faith’s smooth cover of “Have Some Mercy” was played by a DJ in a small pub in Ireland where I used to drink with mates back in 1976/79. I begged and begged to get his copy of the LP and if I recall it took a couple of Bob Marleys albums to effect the transfer.

The Yellowman track is also a cover and comes from a cassette compilation given out free with the NME in 1983 (I had to collect tokens and sendoff for it). Looking back at the other tracks it’s clear how diversified it had become in 1983  – lots of bands experimenting with world music and jazz. I lived in a squat in Clapham Old Town that year and drank in pubs frequented by the Thomson Twins and Kevin Coyne. Sorry, but I am considerably kewler then yew 🙂

Bass Clef drags us back to the present – this is from his 2007 CD “A Smile Is A Curve That Straightens Most Things“. Gets in the list for that title alone. His 2nd CD just out also has a great title – “‘May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way“.