Been listening to the new Tindersticks album – it’s different from the recent ones but in most part it’s a return to the sound of the first two (superlative) albums. Minus the orchestra – one member lost – took it with him.

Tindersticks – Factory Girls (2010)

It’s the wine that makes me sad, not the good times that I’ve had

Tindersticks – Cherry Blossoms (1995)

You let me forget again. Forget what I always knew

Slow updating this week following my CT scan last Monday evening – nothing to report as I get feedback from the doctor not the radiologist and it’s been busy at work. I’m in tomorrow (Mon) for chemo and I expect to get the results at my usual session with the doctor beforehand.

CT scans involve drinking the ‘contrast’ liquids for 1-2 days beforehand, plus a good injected dose just before. It sends a warm buzz through your body, not always as pleasant as it sounds. Then they take the CT images which are basically lots of x-ray images. CT (computed tomography) scans are good for building internal images of organs, spotting unusual tumours, growths etc.

MRI uses magnetic frequencies instead, so there is no radiation involved. That makes it handy if you need to get a lot of them one after the other. But CT is fast and accurate.

The contrast agents for CT are often Iodine – been reading about the Iodine producing industry on the West of Ireland – in the 19th century burning seaweed (Kelp) to make the stuff. From the ancient to the modern.