Good news. The CT scans came back all clear. No sign of any tumours growths or other abnormalities.

Still wasn’t able to start the final chemo cycle – usual reason of low platelet count (87) so they postponed it for a week until next Monday 1st. Then I have a meeting in 4 weeks time with Mr Wilson the original doctor who saw me back in May 2009 (blog post here – this blog has history now! ) which I’m guessing is where we give thanks but demur that nothing can be taken for granted and only regular scans will give the absolute reassurances, etc. It’s an agenda I’ll be more than happy to follow.

If it had gone the other way, it would probably mean round after round of more chemo and possibly more surgery. Disaster for any other plan or arrangement other than becoming a sick person.

But no need for that.

I’ll celebrate with a darker song, Johhny Cash’s cover of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Or is it? Listen to the lyrics 🙂

Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness