Return to the future.

In 1979 people were trying to stop the National Front, those stalwart forerunners of the BNP, holding a march through Southall and having a rally in the local council hall.

In the melee, a young anti-Nazi protestor named Blair Peach was killed by a blow to the head. He was from New Zealand, but was living in the East End and working as a teacher.

At the time, the blame was attributed to the London Met police and to a nasty little paramiltary wing of theirs called the Special Patrol Group (SPG).

Now, over 30 years on, they have suddenly admitted that it was the police after all, and that they has ‘strong suspicions’ of the assailant. But nothing will be done.

Bullshit. A crime is a crime and justice can wait for ever. Try him / them now.

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Reggae Fi Peach

Have we come very far since the late 70s? Social progress all seemed so close and then along came a Tory government driving us backwards.

Return to the future.