Stumbled across a label called Sublime Frequencies that collects music from the 1960s-80s from SE Asia – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Bali etc. The song I’ve chosen is apparently a rural Thai folk song by Surin Paksiri and Ubon Pattana called “Lam Sarawan” (Sarawan Dance).  It’s very haunting.

Ubon Pattana With Surin Paksiri – Lam Sarawan

But the other song titles on the compilation CD are amusing. My favourite is “Laek Laow Deum Nom”, which apparently means “Quit Drinking Alcohol and Try Drinking Milk Instead”. Sound advice from the distant past.

It reminds me of the first song I ever heard that used world music samples interwoven with western electronics. It was from the Holger Czukay album “Movies” which I think was released in 1979.

Holger Czukay – Persian Love

He did this by tuning into shortwave  radio and recording samples he heard. In the time of pre-digital file formats, he had to work on magnetic tapes and cut and splice them together.

It seems that the Persian for “I Love You” is   دوست دارم

It’s pronounced Dúset daram. Will come in handy next time you are in Kabul or Tehran.

On Monday evening I have a chest and pelvic CT scan. There won’t be any results relayed to me. A week later I have an appointment with the Oncologists.