Yesterday I got my latest scan results and the prognosis at the end of year 1. It’s an all clear, folks. The good Dr Wilson (who featured early on in this blog) came to give me the news personally. That gave me a scare (uh-oh, big man = bad news) and the fact that he likes to actually give me the sheet of paper to read didn’t help either. There’s speed-reading and then there’s the speed at which I read that report sheet! But the words said things like “no evidence”, lack of abnormality, and so on. I said “well done” and he riposted that yes, he took all the credit.

I don’t have to go back there for a year. Weird that, making an appointment afterwards for August 2011.

Interesting phrase, “off the hook”. The way most people use it, it’s probably a reference to fishing / being caught on a hook. Hence the relief at being off it. But if you go back to 1898 then it meant you were basically dead – the gate is off its hooks i.e. useless and broken. Fast forward to 2004 and in urban slang it means new or highly popular. As in something is so instantly popular that the phone lines go off the hook / are constantly engaged.

So I am off the hook for Cancer. Those old worries are off the hooks, and Yo! 2011 will be off the hook, dude!