Today I started to follow @Its_Death on twitter. Very funny. Says he lives with three other guys and they like horses.

He’s been interested recently in Pi and the problem of calculating it’s two quadrillionth bit, so for example :-

Yahoo employee calculates Pi to 2 quadrillion decimal places. He still can’t talk to girls, though.
Pi isn’t infinite. There is a last digit. Hint: It’s a 4. You’re welcome, mathematicians.

Newton’s finally invented his perpetual motion machine. He won’t stop going on about it.

Mostly he talks about his work, as in “Hang on. Is Keith Richards still alive? Bloody hell. Who did I collect in 1972?!” and the way things are in the Underworld. For example “All the swanky demons use Apple products. Except Mammon. He got stuck in a deal with Microsoft.

But I was finally ROTFLMAO! when I read:
On the phone to my bank. “Can you confirm your mothers maiden name?” “I WAS BORN OF CHAOS & PANDEMONIUM !” “That’s not what I’ve got here.”


Sorry if the post title gave you a bit of a shock šŸ™‚