Just back from York having dropped off B at Uni there. It’s not my first time to set foot on the campus since I left there in 1987 or whatever but it was definitely the first time I did that walk again across the bridge over the lake from where Comp Sci used to be towards where Psych used to be. Yes, all the locations are different. Only the geese remain the same.

Today A and I walked the city walls and streets, basically recreating a walking route that we must have inflicted on a hundred people who came to see us when we lived there. It was silly and funny and sweet the way that the trivia comes back to you. Like finding the smallest window in York again. Like thinking that the hospice ruin in the museum gardens where the roman coffins are might have been called St Leonards and then finding that it was. Like remembering that the best bit of the wall is between Bootham and Monk Bar with the Minster in the background.

Before she left, B liked this remix I’d shoved on a CD without knowing who it was by. As it turned out, it was a remix of My Brightest Diamond. B and I saw her live when she was supporting The Decemberists a while back, and that was a great evening. I haven’t listened much since to Shara Worden (for it is she that is MBD) but this song comes from a 2009 remix EP by Son Lux of four songs from her “A Thousand Shark’s Teeth” album. What’s also intriguing is that she lists “the star exploration themes of Anslem Kiefer’s paintings” as one of her influences for the album. I’d never heard of him before B told me about his artwork. He liked to build up his canvases with materials such as straw and glue, then paint abstract expressionisms over the 3D structure. Sounds familiar :-p

My Brightest Diamond – The Diamond (Son Lux Remix)

Having achieved your goal and as you start your next stage, these words do you justice I think:

you are the brightest diamond hidden in my pocket
oh how glorious you must feel splendid
you must feel splendid

Enjoy it for all it can give.