Arianna Forster, better known as vocalist Ari Up of the post-punk band The Slits, died yesterday following a serious illness.

In my head I always associate them with The Pop Group because they did then what today we would call a mash-up of sounds. Today’s dubstep owes a lot to The Slits. They had the angular angst-driven neuroticism of the time down to a fine point.

The Slits – Newtown (Rough Mix)

Most would lump them in with the Riot Grrrl thing of the 1980s, but I think that misses the point of how much earlier and hence more innovative they were. But for sure they kicked down barriers for women in music and elsewhere.

They were extremely anarchaic, which sometimes meant they were less “together” than the corporate whore-bands that today sometimes masquerade as “independent”. They were so real, they were scary.

And so another flake drops from the edifice of the Punk movement, the most important cultural event of the final quarter of the 20th Century.