Is this the one where he reduces us to a mess of blubbering tears as he unfurls his latest tale of woe?


Hang around the waiting rooms of hospitals and you’d need the pathos of more than one young Elizabeth Taylor and her canine companion in order to muster up an emotion. No “Lassie Come Home” here, it’s more to do with Lassitude (Noun: A state or feeling of weariness, diminished energy, or listlessness. weariness of body or mind from strain, oppressive climate, etc.; lack of energy; listlessness; languor).

Am just back from hearing the results of my last CT scan as interpreted for me by the friendly folks at the Oncology Clinic. You know the routine with the “there’s good news and there’s bad news”, but there’s also the case where the absence of bad news is really good news.

The “bad news” is that I have three spots in my lungs – a 2 + 1 distribution. The largest is around 9mm. They are growing, but very slowly. The chance they’re benign spots is very low. They are the advanced scouts of an Army of Evil Cancer Nazis. However, that army has been defeated on all the other main battlefields. There is no trace of it in the gut or in the liver.

Don’t know why, but I was geared up for a bombshell. Something awful like “it’s spread to your kidneys” or something. I already knew about these spots and have come to terms with them.

Now they seem kind of lonely. Confused and lost.

The very strong probability is that they will cut me open again to remove them. I’ll get a PET scan done as expected and they probably won’t waste time after that. The surgery could be in the next 2-3 months. The spots are so small there’s a chance that only one of them could reveal itself under the scan as cancerous. There may be a dilemma – to cut for what could be just a lump.

But then after that it could *really* be over. All the traces of the great Cancer invasion of 2009 could be gone for good this time.

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