The bittersweet of human life is always expressed by weddings and funerals. Mark one up, take one down.

The sweet part was a trip to Liverpool to attend a fantastic wedding. While there we made a visit to the Tate Liverpool which has an eclectic collection of (mainly) sculpture on show. I like the way that people famous for something else are asked to co-curate exhibitions. At the time we were there that included the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy and the hat designer, Philip Treacy. One of my favourite artists, Richard Long, had a piece on show. Art made while walking in landscapes.

The bitter part came in news that a friend from college had died at the early age of 49 from Cancer. He had a varied academic and work life before he went back to our home town in Ireland to pursue his first interest – Theatre. He worked on through his illness to the end because he loved his work. They buried him a week ago, in the Rahoon cemetery I have mentioned before.

From around the time I was first diagnosed with Cancer we’ve made a couple of visits to friends in Devon and to Exmoor in particular. One especially good walk takes you along the bank of the Barle river.

One aspect of walking in a region that is not your home is the comprehension that your feet may never touch that particular spot ever again. On the first visit in particular it was obvious that the river, though now quiet and low, might be a torrent in the wintertime. It seemed anything put in its path might not survive for long. Even something as solid as rock would be swept aside.

So I offer you, with pretension to the max: Devon 2009 – 2011 – Installations on the River Barle

Impermance I (13th April, 2009)

Impermance II (14th April, 2009)

Impermance III (24th July, 2011)