Today they bury Thatcher.

It’s sad when any human shakes off the mortal coil but it isn’t a coil it’s a garland of wonderful flowers, actually, and you are only “free” to be recycled into the muddy ground.

I was trying to assess my feelings about a politician who dominated my 20s and changed my life. Usually by taking away options that I would have rather kept. But it’s all about freeing the human spirit and helping us achieve our inner potential, innit?

I imagine a pit village in some Durham mining community. There’s a brass band. Everybody practices like crazy to be the best ever Miner’s Brass Band. One of the members is a young trumpet player and s/he has a very special talent. The others do their utmost to nurture that talent. If that means s/he gets to be a student at the Conservatory of Music and it leads to a career as the best in the field, then they make it happen. That’s Socialism.

Now it turns out that the band practice in held in a village hall and it turns out that there’s a dodgy lease on the property. So a local Spiv buys up the lease, kicks out the band and turns the hall into a supermarket. That’s Thatcherism.