As I roved out on a bright May morning, to view this country fair, who did I spy but a shy Tory voter, and he a-standing there. Says I to him, sit ye down near me on my right hand. Tell me now, and tell me true, what was the thing that came o’er you. The vow you did make to the Polling Man, that vow you did break right well. What did you search, what was your salvation? That made you break this united nation?

“Well it’s true that I love the Union-o, and the Queen to watch right o’er it. But at the end of the day for my fellow man, I could not care a bit. What need care I for your poor in their austere woe, when chance right soon my fortune up may further go.”

“I took my heed from the rabid Press, those words they did right sore me. That every greed I ever craved, it would foreswore me.”

“What need heed I for a united nation, when ’tis up against my aspiration?”

Says I to him: “By you I’m one that’s quite undone, If you leave me here in scorning. Where will I turn, for me tumours to burn, when thon hospital there be closing?”

I may take my hope that the Queen of the North may save me. Though she swears their hearts be loud with voices proud, her wee army’s small and cannot win. And what need care she, in her fine tartan bed, when fortunes smile less fondly. She’ll sit on her throne, in her fine Scottish home, when misery overcomes me.